London Log: The Pass

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(KKTV) - I love to travel and I try to do it whenever possible. When I am fortunate enough to have a really cool experience, I like to share it here in the hope that others can do it too! I’m posting some travel tips from a recent trip to London.

The Pass

I’ve had good luck with a discount card called The London Pass. If you pay about $115.00 for a three-day pass, you can choose from about 80 attractions. The pass gets you in for free. At some of them it also puts you in a special line to avoid some of the longer waits. If you use it a few times it really does pay for itself.

I’ve found that having the London Pass and the guidebook that comes with it, or the app, can help you plan your days in London. This is particularly helpful if your time in London is limited. It covers a wide range of top hot spots: St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, a hop-on hop-off, bus tour, a quick cruise on the River Thames, and many smaller attractions that might not be on your radar screen but are worth checking out.

There are probably other similar programs out there, but this is the one I’ve used, and I’ve always found it to be a good value and a good tool in seeing the sights of London. You can opt for a shorter or a longer pass. Just keep in mind it does not cover absolutely everything in London. The London Eye is a notable omission. Do a little research online, you may decide to pick up a pass.

Click here for more information on The London Pass.

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