Local students organize event in support of Second Amendment

Published: Apr. 4, 2018 at 6:08 PM MDT
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Some students in our area are fed up with proposals to ban guns in response to school shootings.

A group from Woodland Park High School organized what they called a stand-up, fighting for the Second Amendment.

The Woodland Park High School students say guns are not the problem, that we need to change our culture and focus on mental health.

Wednesday morning's event began with a moment of silence to honor the Parkland shooting victims. Two students led the group with speeches atop a truck -- the large gathering showing their passion for our Second Amendment and constitutional rights.

“We have had a movement to spark the nation and to let them know that we are not open to a gun ban and we support our Second Amendment all day, every day,” said 11th-grader Garrett Niles.

Junior student Emily Arseneau thinks a cultural shift needs to happen.

“I believe that needs to start with a conversation about mental health. My generation specifically is facing things that have never been seen before in this nation and we need to open the door for conversation before we can truly find a solution to this problem,” Arseneau said.

Nearby residents also stopped by the school.

“It’s wonderful to see the strong support from the students who come and support the people who started this," said Florissant resident Michael Jordan. "To show their support in terms of our constitution and the Second Amendment and just listening to the students and how they feel in terms of their country.”

He continued, “It’s a travesty and it actually alarms me. We have grandkids and kids, adult children now. The direction we are heading, it’s just clearly wrong and the Second Amendment is one of the bedrocks of our country.”

Instead of a ban on guns, students called for more of them to serve as protection.

“Solutions that I personally believe in is arming better people in our schools with more guns. That’ll easily scare away a shooter any way you look at it,” Niles said.

Another safety measure they appreciate -- active shooter training at the school.

“We have an ALICE program in place for if there is a situation like that and I feel like that’s a lot better than a previous plan of just ... hiding under our desks, because this gives us a chance to defend ourselves against an active shooter,” Arseneau said.