Local family stresses importance of social distancing

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) One Colorado Springs family explains to us why social distancing is important and even in their case, could be life saving.

10-year-old Finn Jones is one of three kids in his family, but his normal routine is a little different than what most think of. Finn has Cystic Fibrosis which means his lungs don't process mucus normally. This means that even if Finn were to get a cold he could end up with pneumonia or something worse. So, with the rapid spread of COVID-19 Finn could get it if he or his family aren't safe.

When the COVID-19 outbreak started Finn and his siblings had to lock up and stay inside to limit their interaction with people. Any germs brought into their home could risk Finn's health.

Finn's mom Angie tells us on a daily basis they're wiping things down with wipes and making sure everything is clean. She admits when she first heard about the virus she was a little nervous. Angie knew she had to keep the kids inside and limit their contact with others in the event one of them could catch something.

"For us it’s slightly different in that because he has CF we’re used to kind of avoiding germs and so in some ways this is our normal life and I know for other people this is overwhelming, but we’ve been doing this for 10 years,” says Jones.

Finn's sister and brother keep him company daily. They do online schooling, yoga classes, building games, and play with their dog.

But, it's not the fear they want you to know about, it's the reason behind the fear that them and so many others share.

When Angie goes to the grocery store she comes home, washes her hands, wipes down the grocery bags, and wipes down all of the groceries, being cautious nothing is left behind. All to make sure Finn is safe.

She tells us when she first heard about the outbreak, there was some fear of what others would think of the extra precautions she was taking.

"When this started a few weeks ago, that was the first thought I had was I feel like for the last 10 years that’s how I’ve lived my life and I feel like we have been judged.”

It's the fear of knowing that some don't understand what Angie goes through in keeping her son safe. The quick judgement that people make doesn't always sit well, especially when the world is facing such a difficult time.

Angie shared a message with us, that she would like to share with you too. That during this scary time, we should be more patient with each other, a little more gracious, and a lot less selfish, because she knows her family isn't the only family going through what they go through.

“It’s Finn, or it’s your grandma, or it’s someone’s little baby who maybe doesn’t have that immune system. Let’s stop thinking about ourselves for a second and realize that the longer we don’t take this seriously and the longer we don’t to what we’re asked to do, stay home and you know avoid the germs or social distance, the longer this is going to go on.”