Law enforcement, 2 civilians help woman suffering seizure on I-25

Published: Sep. 27, 2017 at 1:32 PM MDT
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Two citizens and several law enforcement officers are being lauded as heroes for helping rescue a woman seizing behind the wheel on I-25.

Police initially didn't realize what was going on when they saw an out-of-control SUV weaving across the interstate near the MLK Bypass early Monday morning. The driver's speed fluctuated between 10 and 40 mph and at one point she crashed into a center median so hard her SUV was lifted off the ground. Officers began chasing the SUV, thinking they were dealing with a drunk driver.

But when Fountain police Cpl. Amanda Hajdik pulled up alongside the SUV, she saw the driver was actually suffering a seizure. Right around that time, the SUV began rolling down the interstate and law enforcement drove in front of it to stop it. Hajdik jumped into the SUV while it was still moving and put it into park.

Along with Hajdik, Fountain police officer Andrew Anderson and El Paso County Deputy Edwin Wilson assisted in the incident.

Police say two drivers saw what was unfolding and followed the pursuit in order to keep any other drivers on the road from overtaking the officer vehicles.

"These unidentified citizens saw what was happening and immediately acted, using their cars to protect the officers, the deputy, and ultimately the victim of the seizure from further harm," the Fountain Police Department said in a statement.

The citizens left before they could be identified and thanked. The Fountain Police Department and El Paso County Sheriff's Office say they want to publicly extend their gratitude to the two for protecting the law enforcement and seizure victim.

"They put themselves in a dangerous situation to help not only our law enforcement officers, but a citizen they didn't know," the police department said.