Keen-eyed 11 News viewer notices possible connection between 2 crimes

An 11 News viewer snapped photos from a newscast making a possible connection to two separate crimes. The photo on the left is from a porch pirate case in Colorado Springs while the photo on the right is tied to a home invasion in El Paso County.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Investigators are working to find the thieves who might be connected to a string of crimes in Colorado Springs. 11 News showed a video of a man swiping a package off a porch last week. We learned the same truck in the background of that video may be connected to another crime thanks to a community member.

Investigators are now looking into if the porch pirate crime is tied to a home burglary in El Paso County. The possible connection was made thanks to a viewer who noticed a similarity.

A man was caught on surveillance video helping himself to a package left on a doorstep near Powers and Briargate Parkway. You see him walk back to a white truck. The 11 News viewer noticed a dent in the back of the truck.

On the same night, 11 News was sharing pictures of suspects tied to a burglary at 500 block Holly Drive in unincorporated El Paso County. A completely separate crime. Among the suspect pictures was a photo of a truck. The viewer noticed the white truck had the same dent. The pictures from the separate stories can be seen side-by-side at the top of this article.

If anyone has information on either crime or recognizes the truck they are asked to call Deputy Glen Boarman at 719-390-5555.