Jury duty scam resurfaces

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo (KKTV) - I've reported on this scam several times before, but it's so lucrative that the crooks keep repeating it. Last spring, 30 local victims lost more than $100,000. We don't want anyone else to fall for it.

The phone rings and an authoritative voice claims you've missed jury duty and unless you want to be arrested, strip searched, and handcuffed in front of your neighbors... You better pay up.... to the tune of $1,000 or more. I've heard from several people. One of them told me her mother suffered a panic attack, she was so upset by the call.

Just remember the El Paso County Sheriff's Office doesn't handle jury duty, the jury commissioner does. But, neither department will ever threaten you or force you to pay if you don’t show up. The media spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office says if you get a call like this, hang up and report it to their dispatch at (719) 390-5555.

It may appear that the calls are local with a 719 area code. That’s because the crooks can make any number appear in Caller ID. The truth is you can’t tell where they are.

The best advice is don’t believe a stranger over the phone, take a deep breath, think through what you've been told, and then independently verify it. And always know you can call our 11 Call for Action team by dialing (719) 457-8211.