'It doesn't go away': Colorado Springs man recounts 9/11 moments at the Pentagon

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Nearly 3,000 people died on this day 18 years ago. A Colorado Springs man who worked at the Pentagon on September 11, tells 11 News he watched as one plane flew directly into the side of the place he worked every day.

"We were walking out of the Pentagon. I was with Vice Admiral Forbes at the time, a British Command part of NATO, and we watched the plane come in. We thought it was broken," said 9/11 survivor Steve Lucks.

Lucks says he had no idea what was happening, but as soon as the plane hit he knew something was wrong. He never thought it was a terrorist attack.

“We were just wondering what we needed to do because I was attached to NATO, I had to get back to NATO headquarters and then that’s when we found out all about it. What happened and where and what.”

Lucks tells us his job during that chaotic time was to work with air crews to keep the air space clear.

"We were sending up F-16s to shoot down any aircraft that didn’t obey.”

He says he was working to communicate with everyone and do what he could to help. This was a moment he says he will never forget.

“I don’t care if it was 18 years it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t go away.”

Every year the city remembers and honors the lives lost as well as first responders and members of the military. This year the celebration was at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. Members of our military and 9/11 survivors shared their horrific memories of the day that changed the country forever.