‘It was nice to see we’re not the only ones’: Families affected by Type 1 diabetes walk to raise money

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - More than 1,500 people walked around Rock Ledge Ranch Saturday morning to raise money to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

“This is our first year. We’re learning a lot, and it was nice to come out and see the support and all the other Type 1s,” said Arian Quintana.

Her son, 9-year-old Xavieus, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last year. She and her family were amazed to see all the participants.

“I was shocked,” Quintana said. “It was nice to see we’re not the only ones.”

That’s the point of the JDRF One Walk.

“We hope that people take away a sense of community and a sense of hope,” organizer Rachel LeClere said. “We hope they are inspired by the mission of JDRF and that they know they’re not alone.”

LeClere said the goal is to raise $150,000 for research. As of Saturday, the organization was still shy of its goal, but fundraising lasts until Nov. 30. People interested in helping can donate online.

“I am confident that we will reach the $150,000 mark,” LeClere said.

She said Type 1 diabetes affects people of all ages. It’s an autoimmune disease where people’s pancreases stop producing insulin.

“It’s not something that can be prevented, and right now, it’s not something that has a cure,” LeClere said. “Once you’re diagnosed, you will have it for life, and that’s what we’re here to change. We’re trying to find a cure for everybody who’s living with Type 1 diabetes.”