Insurance agent talks to 11 Call For Action on moving forward after wind storm

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Imagine moving into a new home on a day with hurricane-force winds.

Jason Chalmers says he's happy to report no damage to his property.

"We closed on this [Monday morning} and started moving in ... when we first came here, all the tree branches were down, but luckily no damage."

His neighbors weren't so fortunate.

"About three or four cars up on the street [ended up with trees in them]. A few up that way and two down this way."

Walnut Street on the west side of Colorado Springs looks more like a war zone than a quiet city street. Trees split in half, windows shattered, debris strewn across yards and the street.

It's a similar scene all over town and why insurance agents are swamped.

"Most of the questions we're getting right now: is there coverage for my fence? And generally speaking, with us the answer is yes, and we're going to work with you on finding a fencing contractor," said State Farm agent Dan Lewis.

Lewis says his office has fielded more than 300 calls regarding damage from falling trees to homes, cars and fences.

He stresses each situation is different, but it's important for people to immediately call their insurance company to find out what their policy covers.

Lewis is hearing from customers with other companies who didn't review their policies and didn't know they have to pay an extra deductible for hail and wind damage.

Lewis says extra coverage may also be needed to pay for such things as food spoilage and utility interruption.

The biggest mistake, Lewis told 11 News' Betty Sexton, is people not regularly reviewing their policies to know what is and what isn't covered.

Wednesday, State Farm will determine if the storm damage is large enough to warrant bringing in State Farm adjusters from other states to help.