Indigenous women lead Colorado Springs Womxn's March

Some of the signs held up at the Womxn's March to represent missing and murdered indigenous women (source KKTV).
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Thousands of people showed up to downtown Colorado Springs for the Womxn's March on Saturday.

This year the "e" in women was changed to an "x" to be more inclusive. There were speeches, lots of chanting, and lots of signs.

The main takeaway was inclusion and representation for all women.

But many people were there to share a more specific message.

At the front of the line were dozens of indigenous women with a red hand marks over their faces and red signs. On those red signs were names and pictures of missing and murdered indigenous women. According to the group they represent, they are
10 times more likely to be killed than the national average for other ethnicities.

"We're not represented a lot of times, and this is a huge thing to be able to lead the march and just go ahead and show everyone that we're here, we're still here, we're not some thing of the past. This is our story now," said Alyssa Bravo of the Comanche Nation.

A few thousand people attended the march.