I-25 at Cimarron construction confusing drivers

Published: Sep. 2, 2016 at 9:38 PM MDT
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The construction congestion at Cimarron and I-25 in Colorado Springs was even worse this weekend with so many people hitting the roads.

Whether you're on I-25 or Cimarron, the construction zone seems like a driver's nightmare.

"We do try to avoid that at all costs because of the congestion that happens there with the construction," said Rose Teal.

One of the major trouble spots for drivers is in the southbound lanes of I-25, where the far right lane separates from the other two just to rejoin them later — which catches some off guard.

"It just seems like there's no logic behind why it splits off there, and it catches you by surprise the first time you encounter it," said Kyle Tornquist.

Drivers say it feels like you're being forced to exit the interstate.

"I have to make a quick decision so I don't get stuck in the wrong lane and be forced to exit the highway when I don't want to," Tornquist said.

Another area that catches drivers by surprise are the eastbound lanes of Cimarron under the interstate. Both lanes used to take you into downtown. Now, one takes you onto northbound I-25 with very little warning.

"I think in heavy traffic situations people could get pretty confused," said Tornquist.

As far as that awkward lane split goes on I-25 itself, the Colorado Department of Transportation said it was necessary to construct the new lanes as part of straightening out the roadway there. Officials say it will likely be that way well until next year.