I-25 Gap Coalition formed to push widening project

Published: Apr. 19, 2017 at 10:51 PM MDT
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We've all sat in the buildup of traffic on I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock. The road is only two lanes in each direction. There are some plans to widen it.

Now, local leaders are pushing to make those changes. They've created a new group called the I-25 Gap Coalition.

"Fix the damn roads, I mean, that's the bottom line here, let's do it," said Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers.

The 17-mile stretch between Monument and Castle Rock is known as "the gap." Just two lanes in each direction.

"It's just jammed up all the time," said driver Ron Weilert.

It's especially aggravating for drivers when traffic backs up for a car pulled over or a minor accident.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) says they're working to get started as soon as possible. But the holdup is money.

"It's terrible, we've outgrown the roads we have by a longshot, by years, so they are way behind," said driver Darcey Weilert.

Ask him where the money should come from, and Mayor Suthers has a message for state lawmakers.

“My plea to the legislature is focus on what your responsibility is: state highways,” Suthers said. “Don't try and take care of Lakewood and Arvada and that kind of stuff, let's take care of our state highways."

Suthers said the money should come from state and federal dollars.

Business leaders said companies are making decisions right now about whether or not to set up shop in Colorado Springs, partially based on the flow -- or lack of it -- of I-25.

CDOT is hoping they'll be able to complete the project within five years. Suthers said he thinks we can do better, and wants to see it done in three years.

CDOT is planning to have update during their next open house on April 27.