Hyperbaric chamber helps Pueblo man keep legs

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PUEBLO, CO. (KKTV) - For Danny Bryant, circumstances were grim after being diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis last March.

At just 63, Bryant began to notice something was wrong after finding small wounds and swelling on his lower body and extremities that were not healing.

After being admitted to St. Mary-Corwin for treatment multiple times, his symptoms continued to worsen and he was almost unable to walk, and was forced to stop working.

Bryant was told that he would eventually need to have his leg amputated due to the severity of the wounds and their inability to heal.

Together with his health care team, Danny decided to give St. Mary-Corwin’s (SMC) Wound and Hyperbaric Chamber a try and quickly began treatment.

He found comfort and relaxation in the innovative and leading-edge chamber where he was able to watch television, relax and rest during the two hour treatments.

"So many people come in with wounds and they don't know what's going to happen with those wounds and they are so bad that the thought comes into your mind that they may lose a limb. If they can give this a try and get it done quick enough ... For me it healed tremendously," said Bryant.

For five days each week, Bryant could be found in the chamber and began to see improvements after around 20 treatments.

"I ended up taking 60 treatments and after that, almost every one of the wounds was totally healed. It was amazing to see the transformation of my leg and the hope that comes from that," he said.

A pastor at the local First Church of God, Bryant said he owes his recovery to SMC’s Wound and Hyperbaric Chamber.

After seeing major improvements from a total of 60 treatments, Bryant is not just doing better, but he is back to doing what he loves. His wounds have nearly diminished completely and he’s returned to a normal, active lifestyle.

"To be able to know I can do things with my grandsons again with both legs take them fishing things like that is a huge boost. Just to have that hope you would be able to do that is amazing," said Bryant.