Hundreds take part in 'Letter Rip' to destroy sensitive documents

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Hundreds of people took part in Letter Rip in Pueblo. It's the annual document shredding event that allows people to safely destroy sensitive paperwork.

Thousands of pounds of documents were destroyed at LETTER RIP in Pueblo.

The event is put on by the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado and Mobile Record Shredders. It was held Friday at the Pueblo Mall off Dillon Drive.

Organizers said 560 people took part. We talked with several people who attended the event.

“I think it’s awesome because some people can’t afford shredders, and you don’t really know how to get rid of documents that you don’t want anybody else to get a hold of," Miranda Micklich said. “You never want to throw anything like that out, even if it just has your name on it – you don’t want anybody getting a hold of them.”

“I am getting rid of some spring cleaning and I saw this on Facebook so I registered right away," said Diana Lunbom. "So my trash is now their trash.”

Lunbom said it's really important to her to safely destroy her documents.

“The security reason, even with trash and stuff you never know who’s digging through trash," she added. "I had my identity stolen before and so I’m even a little more careful than maybe most people.”

Other people we spoke with have similar concerns.

“So much identity theft and I’m always worried if I throw something in the trash, somebody’s going to catch it," said Juan Lujan, who drove down from Colorado Springs to take part.

"It’s papers that have been building up so I brought a box," Barbara Trujillo said. “That’s why I’m bringing them here, I’m afraid of that identity theft.”

Organizers said they shredded 22,000 lbs. of paperwork. The BBB said Letter Rip is a great way for people to help protect themselves from identity theft.

“In this age of cyber-crime and criminals going out and stealing information that unfortunately, a lot of people just don’t realize is sitting in their garbage can," said Jonathan Liebert, CEO and executive director of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

"So they’ll take that information and steal their ID and drain bank accounts, apply for things, use it for phishing scams, sell the information, etc. It’s important that people shred that information," he added.

A lot of people look forward to Letter Rip.

“I had one lady tell me she’s come here for the last five years and waits every year for it," Leibert said. “I had another gentleman approach me and say that his mom has been saving stuff for 35 years."

"[She] didn’t want to get rid of it, and when she heard about this event ... she said, 'This is a good cause. I’ll get rid of some of my stuff.' And she was very, very appreciative that we were able to do that," he said.

The event raised more than $2,200 for BBB of Southern Colorado's scholarship fund.

The next Letter Rip will take place in Colorado Springs during the springtime.

If you weren't able to make it out to Letter Rip in Pueblo, you can call Mobile Record Shredders to get rid of your documents. Click here for more information on their website.