Humane society encourages pet adoptions over the holidays

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region says the holidays are a great time to welcome a new pet into your family, and there’s a special promotion that makes adopting even better.

Until Dec. 24, the humane society is running a “Home for the Holidays” promotion. For every pet that is adopted into a new home or reunited with its family, Dent-Tec and Status Symbol Auto Body are donating $25 to help other animals that are still at the shelter.

“It’s just one more incentive: not only are you getting a wonderful furry friend for the holidays, but you’re helping out the other pets still in need here at the humane society,” said Gretchen Pressley, the humane society’s community relations manager.

The promotion started at the beginning of December, and within just the first week, Pressley said more than 200 cats and dogs were taken home from the shelter.

“Last year, we had about 800 that were adopted or reunited with their families, so we’re hoping to exceed that goal this year and get between 800 and 1,000 pets back home or into new homes,” she said.

One of the dogs that was reunited with its family this year was Bowie, a dog found at a homeless camp. Her happy ending means $25 was donated for other animals still left at the shelter.

The humane society says adopting over the holidays is a great idea because families usually have more time to spend with their new furry friends as parents take off work and kids are home from school. The shelter said it has anywhere from 20-50 dogs and cats ready for adoption at any given time.

If you’re thinking about giving a pet as a present, though, the humane society says there are some things you should consider.

“Some studies have shown that some people actually value their pets a little bit more if they were given as a gift from someone who really loves them because it’s a token of that person’s affection,” Pressley said. “But what we do recommend is to ensure the person that you’re getting a pet for has an interest in having a pet and is able to care for a pet properly.”

The shelter said people can also give gift certificates as a present if they want to leave the pet-choosing up to the person who’s getting the pet.

If you’re not looking for a furry friend but still want to help out the humane society this year, the shelter is always looking for donations.

“We’re always looking for certain things here at our facility,” Pressley said. “We’re always looking for canned dog food, for example. We can always use dog treats. We can always use puppy pads, peanut butter. Some of those pill pocket treats are very, very useful for us here.”

The humane society has a wish list of items online. It also accepts monetary donations, and this time of year, if you donate money, you get a small gift as a “thank you.” A list of gifts and donation amounts can be found online.