Huge hailstone breaks decades-old record Colorado record

Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 10:31 PM MDT
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Hailstorms near the Colorado/Kansas state line are pretty common, according to the Miltenberger family, but Tuesday's storm was something else.

"We were scared we were going to lose windows," Kylee Miltenberger admitted.

When the storm finally calmed down, one of Kylee's daughters ran out into the front yard to collect hail samples.

She found a whopper.

“Holy cow! That is reeeeally big piece of ice!”

The Miltenberger family measured it against a ruler, showing it a little larger than 5 inches in diameter. That blows the previous record of 4.5 inches out of the water.

They sent 11 News chief meteorologist Brian Bledsoe a photo, and he instructed them to put it in a plastic bag and save it in the freezer for record keepers to come check out the next day.

Wednesday around 1, a team of scientists with the state and national weather service confirmed the stone was the largest ever recorded, even if it had shrunk from the original photo.

“Darn! It melted!" Miltenberger explained. "It WAS bigger yesterday!"

Still, the ice ball broke the record and will now be documented by a 3-D scan so it can be preserved in the records forever.

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