How you can help people and wildlife affected by Australia fires

Published: Jan. 6, 2020 at 8:04 AM MST
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Rain and cooler temperatures are bringing firefighters help Monday as they continue to battle raging wildfires across the country. Conditions are expected to intensify again later this week.

CBS News reports nearly 20 million acres have burned. At least 25 people have died. And it's estimated nearly half a billion animals are dead, while thousands more are are injured.

CBS rounded up some agencies you can donate to safely.



, and

are providing support to evacuees.

set up a specific fund for families of volunteer firefighters who have been killed this season.

Actor and comedian

You can also donate to Country Fire Authority in Victory, or the Rural Fire Brigades Association in Queensland.

To help animals impacted, donate to

that is rescuing and caring for thousands of sick, injured and orphaned native animals. The

is rescuing burned koalas and using donations to install automatic drinking stations in burnt areas to help wildlife searching for water.

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