House fire started by possible lightning strike

The lightning bolt left a hole in the roof over one of the bedrooms.
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) A family including six pets are safe after lightning hit their home and sparked a fire Monday afternoon.

"We were just watching TV like we normally do, and all I hear is this loud boom," said LaNeta Larson, the homeowner's daughter. "I see smoke -- I don't see a fire yet. I go inside, call my mom, and tell her, 'Hey, your house just got struck by lightning.'"

Larson hurried everyone to safety, including packing five dogs in her car.

"I'm rushing to get all our dogs and my grandma -- who uses a walker -- and my brother to get out of the house. ... We see as we're running out of the house that it's actually on fire."

A sixth pet, a cat belonging to the mother's roommate, was not located during the family's evacuation but was later located and was fine.

The lightning left a huge hole in the roof.

"My mom's roof collapsed in her bedroom," Larson said.

Besides the damage to the mother's bedroom, firefighters were able to keep the fire contained to the attic. The family was displaced Monday night.

The home is located on Mosswood Lane near Chelton on the southeast side of the city.