Hours-long search in woods around UCCS after man reports being lost

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Following an hours-long search, police say they were never able to find the person who called them Sunday morning and said he was lost.

The man called police for help just after midnight, stating he had gotten split up from his friends while in the woods near UCCS, didn't know where he was, and only had 1 percent battery left on his phone. His phone died shortly after the phone call.

According to the caller, his friends were the ones who took him to the woods in the first place but wouldn't tell him where they were going.

Using GPS, Springs police tracked his location at the time of the call to the hills north of the college. Using police dogs, thermal imaging cameras and off-road vehicles, officers from CSPD and UCCS and Springs firefighters combed the area for several hours. At one point, a UCCS officer thought he heard a scream, but no one was ever found.

A sergeant tells 11 News they believe the man likely found his way back on his own and never followed up with law enforcement. At the time of this writing, there is no longer an active search and police are not worried about his whereabouts.