Colorado baby suffocated by a rock the day she was born

Published: Nov. 8, 2017 at 6:26 PM MST
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A baby girl died the same day she was born in Denver and the coroner’s office is investigating the death as a homicide.

Amekah Dotson was born on Sept. 8 and was rushed to the hospital later the same morning, according to the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner.

The baby was transported by ambulance from 5800 block of Biscay Street to Children’s Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

An autopsy was completed and the cause of death was from suffocation.

According to the police report, Alaya Dotson, 16, didn’t realize she was pregnant until she gave birth at home. The teen says the baby was moving but never cried. She said she pushed a rock down the baby’s throat.

Dotson is being charged as an adult with first-degree murder.

Colorado has a law that allows parents to hand over an infant, up to 72 hours old, to an employee at any fire station or hospital with absolutely no questions asked.