Homeowner holds potential intruder at gunpoint until police arrive

Published: Jan. 21, 2019 at 10:40 AM MST
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A husband and father says he held a man at gunpoint who was trying to get inside his house in Colorado Springs. He says the guy came to his back patio door and tried to get inside, so he grabbed his gun and called police.

"It seemed very deliberate," homeowner Joseph Alvarez tells 11 News.

Alvarez says he was sitting in his upstairs bedroom Friday night at his home near Airport Road and Academy Boulevard when he saw someone standing outside his sliding glass door. It was right next to where his wife and three young kids were sleeping.

"I was upstairs just watching TV and taking apart some electronics, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye a movement," said Alvarez.

Alvarez says he saw the stranger reach towards his door to open it, so he jumped up and grabbed his gun.

“The initial reaction was of course surprise," said Alvarez. "As soon as I saw him and what he was trying to do, I reached for a gun, which I had pretty close. I loaded it, pointed at him, and started advancing towards him.”

Alvarez, who is a boxing coach and Army veteran, says he held the man at gunpoint until police arrived minutes later. The whole encounter was caught on his security cameras. It's what Alvarez saw when he watched back the video that he finds the most concerning.

"In his front left pocket he had what I think was about a 4 to 5-inch knife on him," said Alvarez.

The surveillance video shows the stranger first walk up to the home through the backyard. He appears to walk up to the house, pull an object out of his pocket and try to get inside the downstairs patio door.

"He realized the door was not going to open up, so he turns around and goes right upstairs," Alvarez said.

Next, the video shows the suspect walk up the back patio staircase. Alvarez says the man looks right into his security camera, then turns around and appears to make a phone call. Then, he jumps over a wall and walks towards the upstairs patio door.

“He reached for the door," Alvarez said. "There was no hesitation. No reservation about it."

Alvarez tells 11 News he ordered the man to the ground repeatedly and started to ask him questions. His story didn't seem to add up.

"He starts trying to talk his way out of the situation, and he’s telling me he was at some local party, some things went wrong, he was attacked, and he was looking for a place to hide and use a phone," Alvarez said. "However, in my head, if I was being attacked or if I was running from somebody, someone’s backyard in their upstairs patio was the last place you would find me.”

Alvarez tells 11 News police ticketed the suspect, Ramiro Gonzalez, for criminal trespassing at the scene. He never made it inside the house. After watching the security video, the homeowner says police told him he is now facing more charges including attempted burlgary and possession of burglary tools.