Homeowner escapes overnight house fire

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PEYTON, Colo. (KKTV) - Firefighters quickly knocked down a house fire overnight, containing it before it could spread too far into the structure.

The homeowner sounded the alarm after waking up to the smell of smoke around 2:40 Tuesday morning. The fire captain with Peyton Fire District says it's extremely fortunate he woke up when he did; there were no working smoke alarms inside the home.

"Most folks don't smell [fire] at night; you just sleep through it," Capt. Oakley Revels said.

Thanks to the homeowner's light sleeping, firefighters were able to get on scene while the fire was still small.

"We have been able to successfully contain the fire to one room and leave the house livable for the homeowner," Revels said.

Revels told 11 News the fire appeared to have been caused by an overloaded power strip and took 15 minutes to knock down.

"Never overload your power strips. That is the cause of this fire tonight. Also, make sure you install smoke alarms in the home so they get you up a little quicker. Sometimes the nose doesn’t work when it should," Revels said.

In addition to the single occupant in the house, Revels said there was a person living in an outbuilding next to the home. There were no injuries reported.

The property is located off Peyton Highway.