Hold your giraffes, April’s about to give birth again (Livestream inside article)

April the giraffe became a YouTube sensation the last time she gave birth.
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HARPRSVILLE, N.Y. (Gray News) - April the giraffe has the world on pins and needles once again.

The 17-year-old giraffe, who became a viral sensation two years ago when she gave birth to a calf named Tajiri, is expected to give birth to a new baby calf any hour now.

Animal Adventure Park, where April has lived since 2015, began its “Giraffe Watch 2019" on the last day of February.

On Thursday, the animal park tweeted she had “profoundly advanced” in the birthing process.

And now with the world's eyes back on her, April feels no pressure to rush.

"'MAKE 'EM WAIT' - April the giraffe," Animal Adventure Park joked on Facebook Friday.

Anticipation reached a frenzy during the 2017 birth, with hundreds of millions of people tuning in to the YouTube livestream over the course of weeks as they waited. More than a million people watched the live feed as she gave birth in, appropriately enough, April of that year.

As of Sunday afternoon, more than 40,000 people were tuned into Animal Adventure Park’s livestream.

The park’s Saturday update said, “Without question we are there – it’s a matter of when.”

“All physical & behavioral signs indicate we are simply waiting for the big moment,” a Facebook post said. “The decision was made to apply extra bedding to the stall for the anticipated birth.”

Watch the livestream below: