School bus totaled in Fountain with 17 kids onboard, hit-and-run suspect arrested

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FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) - A 21-year-old is facing a laundry list of charges after allegedly stealing a utility truck, causing a crash with a school bus full of children, and then fleeing the scene.

Photo of totaled school bus courtesy Widefield School District 3. Sean Johnson (Photo: Fountain Police Dept.)

Police say the suspect stole the truck from an Auto Zone in Fountain shortly before 8:20 Thursday morning. He made it about 2 miles to Highway 85 and Fontaine Boulevard when the crane on the truck swung out of control and hit the school bus. The suspect allegedly kept driving and eventually ditched the stolen vehicle near Highway 85 and Alegre Circle. He was later found hiding in the woods behind Alegre Circle.

The 17 students on the bus and the driver were all unhurt. A police department spokesperson told 11 News the bus only had minor damage. However, Widefield School District 3 is reporting the bus was totaled.

The suspect has been identified as Sean Johnson. He faces 17 misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment and felony charges of aggravated motor vehicle theft, among other charges.