High school for students recovering from addiction set to open soon

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - We are getting a look inside a new high school that's specifically for students recovering from addiction.

Classroom at Landmark Community School.

The Landmark Community School held an open house Monday. It's located off Pikes Peak and Institute near downtown Colorado Springs.

It can be really hard for kids recovering from addiction to stay clean when they go back to school.

“Recovery schools are sort of a new concept. There are 38 nationally," said Rebecca Berg, a member of the Landmark Advisory Board. "What we’re finding is kids are starting to use at younger and younger ages and don’t have the support and the connection that they need in order to stay sober.”

Landmark Community School is for students ages 14 to 19 with 30 days of sobriety and a referral from a recovery advocate, like a family member.

About 70 teachers, health experts and local officials, including Mayor John Suthers, gathered for an open house.

"Everyone is becoming familiar with the opioid epidemic in our country, and even in our county and our city. It's starting to become pretty apparent that we need to do something for the youth in our country," said Berg.

We took you inside the school in November, but now we are getting a look at the clean classrooms, set-up and ready to go.

They are supporting students to stay sober.

"We’ve got to start doing some things that are completely out of the box in order to reach, especially the young people who are just starting to use or abuse and starting to go down that track," said Berg.

"If we can cut that off at the beginning and really give them the support they need, we’re all going to benefit from that," she added.

The school will run under the umbrella of Community Prep School in District 11.

They will start with about 20 students. They are still taking applications for admission. The school plans to grow to about 100 students in the next four or five years.

Landmark Community School will open on January 30. Click here to find more information on their website.