Help needed for 3D printing of mask comfort bands

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) One local man is hoping others will join him in helping out our heroes on the front lines by making their days a little more comfortable.

Help is needed to make a small piece of plastic that can make a big difference to those who have to wear medical masks for hours on end. Anyone with a 3D printer can make them for about a dime each.

Colorado Springs resident Chris Myers was searching for 3D printing files online when found one posted by the National Institutes of Health. It creates what's called a 'surgical mask tension release band.'

The bands have hooks that are able to hold the strings of the mask and remove the pressure from behind the wearer's ears and instead hold the mask behind their head.

"It's not going to change the world but it is going to make their lives a little better," said Myers.

He started printing the bands with his hobby 3D printer and with help from a neighbor. The response was immediate.

"I just had this huge pouring in of people going, 'Oh I want three,' 'I want five,'" he said, "I started getting hit up by all these people, there was a neurologist or EMT staff or just normal nurses and doctors."

Myers is giving away the bands at no cost. He hopes other people with access to 3D printers will help the cause.

"I was talking with a nurse who works at the ICU at Memorial [Hospital] and she was so excited about it because she was working the past six days straight, 12 hour days and was like, 'My ears are killing me!'"

Myers has set up a Facebook group for anyone interested in helping print the straps and for those who need them.

Click here to visit that group page.