'He needs to face justice:' Driver on the run again after crash, carjacking in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A family desperately wants to find a man on the run after a crash and carjacking in Colorado Springs. The suspect was supposed to take a plea deal, but he didn't show up to court.

In January, Prosecutors say Preston Bailey was on the run from an alleged drug deal gone wrong when he crashed into a car near North Circle and Bijou. Robert Barker's daughter was driving the car Bailey is accused of crashing into. Barker says the crash left his daughter paralyzed.

"Everything changed," said Barker. "Just in that one split second.

Bailey is accused of carjacking another driver after the crash to get away. According to arrest papers, the suspect ran up to the driver's door and said, "We have guns." The driver tried to shut her door, but the suspect forced the door back open and pushed the driver before stealing her car.

Court records show Bailey was found and arrested later in January by Aurora police. He bonded out of jail the next day.

The Barker family was hoping for justice and closure when prosecutors offered Preston Bailey a plea deal.

"The judge told him, 'You're going to take the plea deal or we're going to start the trial,'" Barker told 11 News.

Bailey was given a week to think about the plea deal, but the Barkers say he never showed up in court for the next hearing.

"We’ve trusted the justice system and everything, and he has stretched this out and used the justice system to drag this out for almost a year,” said Barker. “The few times we’ve been in court he’s claimed that he has been treated unfairly as the woman he paralyzed sat behind him in a wheelchair.

We're told that the plea deal was taken off the table now that Bailey is on the run again. Once he is found and arrested, he will go to trial.