Gravestones restored after vandals paint satanic symbols on them in Colorado Springs

Published: Jun. 18, 2019 at 7:26 PM MDT
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Families realized the gravestones were covered in paint Saturday, but these last three days have been torture for victims like Brian Ziegler. His father's tombstone had a red pentagram painted across the front in Colorado Springs.

He said the worst part was seeing his mother realize what had happened to her shared headstone with her late husband.

Tuesday morning, the sound of sandblasters and air compressors acted as the sounds of repair.

Tim Carr of Rocky Mountain Memorials was hired by the city of Colorado Springs to try and remove that graffiti and get the stones looking like they used to, or better.

“Everything that we do we do with perfection," Carr said. "It's the last thing you can do for somebody, you know?"

Three of the stones have been sandblasted, washed, painted, and packed with clay to remove that red stain. There are still at least five more to work on, but so far the progress is promising.

“Beautiful, they came out great, I think,” Carr said, admiring his crew's handiwork.

You can check out our previous story on the

including all the stones that were hit.

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