Gov. Polis orders non-critical workplaces to reduce in person work-force by half

Published: Mar. 22, 2020 at 6:29 PM MDT
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Sunday, Gov. Polis announced an order stating non-critical workplaces need to reduce their in-person staff by 50 percent. The governor urges businesses to move to telecommuting if possible. He hopes this will limit the number of workers in businesses.

The governor says if places are unable to have people work from home, employee schedules should be staggered so there are a limited number of people in offices.

Polis says all essential employees like health care and public service workers should try to work from home if possible, but this order does not apply to them.

The order officially goes into effect on Tuesday at 8 am. Polis is encouraging people to try to put this order into place immediately but says he understands this is tough to do in 24 hours.