Governor Polis gives his first State of the State address

DENVER, Colo. (KKTV Jared Polis delivered his first State of the State address Thursday morning. His visions include that of free full-day kindergarten and affordable health care.

"Our administration will work tirelessly to make our state work better for you," Polis said. "So that you can earn a good living and share in our special way of life."

Polis started his address with a focus on education. He said that he hopes to have free full-day kindergarten by fall of 2019. Colorado currently only funds half-day kindergarten. Polis explained that because of the state's economic growth, there would be no problem funding this proposal.

He described this as the "single biggest expansion of early childhood education in Colorado history."

The governor also touched on the fact that Colorado is falling deeply behind in the amount of teachers in public schools. He said we're down 3,000 teachers from where we need to be.

When talking about new health proposals, Polis introduced, for the first time, the "Office of Saving People Money on Health Care." This office was introduced with hopes to quite literally save people money on health care.

Lieutenant Governor, Dianne Primavera, will lead the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care. The goal of that office will be to reduce the costs for hospital visits and stays, hospital expenses, lower the price of prescription drugs and make health insurance more affordable.

Polis is hoping to set up a way to import prescription drugs from Canada.

"Canada has the same drugs from the same manufacturing plants that we have here in the United States - but often at one-half, one-third, yes, even one-quarter of the cost," Polis said.

He also said he plans to introduce a reinsurance program which would save Coloradans money. He advocated for the program saying it has been a proven solution to issues in other states, and we should embrace it in Colorado.