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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - It’s hard to say goodbye to a great co-worker. Betty Sexton has been an investigative reporter, consumer advocate, and news anchor at KKTV 11 News for 18 years.

She’s a rock-solid journalist and a determined crusader for viewers who need help. She has stepped in to help so many over the years through our 11 Call for Action program. Betty and her team have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for families who’ve been wronged in our community. She has even helped launch several police investigations, and helped send a few criminals to jail!

Betty was a leader in our newsroom by example. Her reports were always thorough and complete in every way. Every side was presented, every question raised and most of them answered! We will miss her work.

We will also miss her as a person. Betty is a very classy woman, fun to be around, and easy to talk to. She is always kind and helpful to co-workers who need guidance. That is hard to replace.

When I first arrived at KKTV in 2006, Betty and I used to anchor 11 News at 4:30 together. It was a pleasure to be with her on set. When we had big breaking news stories I always felt comfortable with Betty. I knew that when one of us ran out of words to describe what was happening, the other one would step right in and pick things up.

A final piece of trivia about Betty. After a few months of working together we discovered that we had a common piece in our broadcasting education. A few years apart, we both went to a post-college specialized school in St. Louis. We both completed the program at a place called Broadcast Center. I believe it helped each of us gain confidence in voice work and writing specifically for broadcast news. It prepared each of us to launch careers that would eventually put us in the same newsroom for more than 11 years!

I will miss Betty Sexton and I wish her nothing but happiness with the next, non-news, chapter of her life.
We’ll talk again soon.