Goldendoodle reunited with family after surviving 3 weeks above 12,000 feet

Bentley reunited with his human after surviving nearly three weeks high in the mountains. The Aug. 7 crash happened at 11,500 feet.

CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo (KKTV) - For 19 days, a Kansas family prayed for a miracle.

Bentley, a 1-year-old goldendoodle, was thrown from a Jeep as it plummeted 600 feet off a rugged mountain road in Chaffee County on Aug. 7. The crash killed 43-year-old Jennifer Orr and injured her daughter Sam, who had to be airlifted from the crash site. In the midst of so much tragedy, the surviving daughter and her father held on to hope that they would find Bentley and bring him home.

Nearly three weeks after the crash, the miracle happened. (Video used with permission from the Orr family)

Mid last week, the family says Bentley was spotted laying "far, far above the accident site ... peering down at the Jeep wreckage, patiently waiting for his family to return." He would stay there for three days.

Saturday, Sam hiked with a group to the top of that mountain. She told what happened next Bring Bentley Home Facebook page.

"We were able to spot Bentley early in the day, a few hours in, I came within 30-40 feet of him. He wouldn’t come to me, but seemed interested. Eventually, his fear got the best of him and he made his way to the ridge (top). I slowly but surely followed him, upon reaching the summit, I could see him watching me. I got close to him, laid down, unpacked some items to eat and a new toy I’d purchased from him. He never moved an inch for over 15 minutes. Eventually, I decided to give him some space, back off for a few minutes, and that got his attention. When I came back, him and I slowly altered walking few steps towards each other until finally I was able to convince him to come into my arms."

The family says Bentley is a little malnourished and dehydrated, but is otherwise doing just fine.