FROM THE ARCHIVES: Girl reunited with teddy bear lost to Waldo Canyon Fire

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED MONDAY, JULY 9, 2012: A 7-year-old girl who lost her favorite teddy bear to the Waldo Canyon fire was reunited with the toy Monday.

Lily was on vacation with her family when the fire swept into Colorado Springs, destroying her home and favorite teddy bear.

The bear had been a gift from Penrose-St. Francis Health Services nearly four years ago, when the little girl was hospitalized with the stomach flu. It was LIly's prized possession and the only thing she asked for after her belongings were destroyed.

Her parents reached out to the hospital hoping they might still have a stuffed bear just like the one Lily lost. But the bears had been replaced with stuffed pandas in the intervening years. It looked like her bear might be gone for good.

Then an employee discovered a bear exactly like Lily's had been sitting unnoticed in her desk.

Named Waldo, it was presented to an overjoyed Lily Monday. Lily screamed when she saw it, before slipping a hospital bracelet around one paw.

"I love her!" the little girl cried, clutching her new friend.