Giraffe dies following medical procedure at Denver Zoo

Kazi. Photo courtesy Denver Zoo.
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DENVER (AP) - A giraffe has died unexpectedly at the Denver Zoo due to complications following a routine medical procedure.

KCNC-TV reports the zoo announced on social media that the giraffe named "Kazi" died Tuesday.

Zoo officials say the 2-year-old male arrived in Denver from the Milwaukee Zoo in September to become a companion to a female giraffe in its herd.

Officials say a castration procedure was successful, but the giraffe experienced trouble breathing while recovering from anesthesia and then stopped breathing completely.

The zoo says staff members tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the animal by intubating it and performing CPR.

Officials say the castration performed by the zoo's medical staff is a common procedure used to decrease the competitive, aggressive nature of male giraffes.