Frontier Airline delays, cancellations and lost luggage at DIA

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DENVER (KKTV) - Some passengers are still waiting to make it to their final destinations after a heavy wave of winter weather caused delays and cancellations at airports across the country. Passengers were especially frustrated with Frontier Airlines at Denver International Airport.

Many people were left stranded when their connecting flights with Frontier were canceled. Even though hundreds of flights never took off, people are still missing luggage.

Some passengers chose to leave the airport and come back for new connecting flights, but many of those were also canceled. Many said they were starting to regret their travel choices this holiday season.

"I chose a budget airline, that's my fault. But I feel like I paid for a flight," said passenger Pearce Town.

The only options left for people who can't get a flight is to either wait it out until one becomes available, or rent a car and drive the remaining way to their destination.