Foreign exchange student gets prom, graduation in quarantine

 Sasha Dulap getting her diploma during a graduation ceremony put on by her host family (source: Glenda Savoy).
Sasha Dulap getting her diploma during a graduation ceremony put on by her host family (source: Glenda Savoy). (KKTV)
Published: Apr. 4, 2020 at 5:37 PM MDT
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The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of plans to be cancelled and changed, and foreign exchange students are no exception.

Sasha Dulap is a foreign exchange student from Moldova at Liberty High School in Colorado Springs.

She was supposed to be preparing for things like prom and graduation, but once the pandemic hit, all those plans were cancelled.

"It just all went away and we can't do anything about that," she said. "It's sad but you just have to take advantage of what you have right now and that's spending time with my hosts family."

Dulap and her host family were planning a trip to the Midwest, they were planning to see different parts of America.

"She's just missing out on so much," Glenda Savoy, a teacher and Dulap's host mother said.

This is not the Savoy family's first exchange student, and after seeing the experiences they had, the family decided they weren't going to let a pandemic stop it.

"We have already had a pretend Easter, we have already done a pretend graduation," Savoy said. "We had a graduation ceremony and having other kids we dressed her up in a cap and gown. we went through the speeches and the songs."

And Saturday night was prom night.

"I am so grateful for that because my host family is trying as best to make all this happen," Dulap said. "And I am very excited, it means I still have prom but it is just different."

"We've made toilet paper corsages. We're going to dress up, we're going to order out from a local restaurant," Savoy added.

Although it is not what Sasha Dulap expected, she wouldn't change a thing about her time here in America.

"I really...I think it is the best decision of my life."

Dulap isn't sure exactly when she will go home because of the state of the world right now.

She hopes to return one day to America when everything has calmed down.

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