Fire sparked by homeless camp extinguished quickly in Colorado Springs

 Crews had the fire out within 10 minutes.
Crews had the fire out within 10 minutes. (KKTV)
Published: Feb. 5, 2020 at 6:20 PM MST
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A watchful police officer is to thank for spotting a fire and giving the fire department a chance to put it out in under ten minutes.

It happened near East Platte and Space Center Drive in Colorado Springs.

A homeless campfire got out of control, spreading to propane tanks which started to explode. Homeless people were using the tanks to keep warm.

Officials says 10-by-10 foot area burned. Crews were able to put it out before the blaze spread further down the creek.

They think about four to five homeless people were living here at the time.

Thankfully, there weren't any injuries but CSPD says this serves as a warning about the dangers of illegal camping.

"Well obviously we have a significant homeless problem, homelessness problem here in Colorado Springs, and along with that there are a large number of camps, illegal campsites where people are starting fires at night to keep them warm." Sgt. James Allen explained. "So unfortunately due to that, we have people that live right around here—there's residences, there's business, so when that happens it poses a significant hazard to the community."

Police are asking the public to report illegal campsites to prevent fires like this from happening.

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