Felon who ran from police shocked with stun gun

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Ever seen someone try to outrun a cop? It's not a good idea and one man found out today.
It happened around 9:00 a.m. Wednesday, in a neighborhood near Academy and Galley in Colorado Springs.

Neighbor Jacob Duke took a video of the incident. In that video, you can see a man in a yellow shirt running away from a uniformed officer - but not for long.

“He pulls out a tazer gun, gets the guy right in the side and the guy just like fish flops right on the concrete. Poor guy, but that's what you get I guess,” Duke said.

Duke was at a stop sign when saw an officer running towards him.

"Then I see another cop running this way and I'm thinking wow. Two cops jogging in their uniforms, is this a charity event or something? Then I see the culprit jump out of the bushes out of nowhere and I thought, oh you gotta film this. He's about to get tackled,” Duke said.

As someone who has been shocked with a stun gun before, Duke says it's no fun. But he imagines hitting the pavement was more painful.

"I've been hit by a few, we won't go into detail for that. But i will say i didn't flop like that. I mean i stood my ground for a minute."

Colorado Springs police aren't giving 11 News any details about what led up to the video.
They did tell 11 News, the man in the video is a wanted felon. It’s unclear if he sustained any serious injuries.