Family wants answers after man was hit and killed while crossing the street

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The family of a man killed while crossing the street in Colorado Springs wants drivers and pedestrians to pay attention on the road. It sounds simple, but it can have deadly consequences.

Dirk Cordtz was hit by a turning vehicle while crossing South Nevada Avenue and Las Vegas Street on Jan. 2, 2018. Police know who hit and killed Cordtz, but tell 11 News their investigation is ongoing.

Cordtz's family wants answers about what happened leading up to the moment he became the first traffic fatality of the year in Colorado Springs.

"I wonder what the driver was doing when he was crossing is what I'm wondering," said Cordtz's stepdaughter Carrie Lance. "How do you not see a 6'3" man crossing the street?"

Police say the man was hit on the 2nd but died one day later. When the Colorado Springs Fire Department arrived on scene, the pedestrian was pinned beneath the vehicle.

Cordtz's family says the 62-year-old lived at the Springs Rescue Mission. Their mission now is to make sure he's not forgotten.

“I just want some information," said Cordtz's brother, Kevin Cordtz. "I’m looking for any more eyewitnesses. I believe the police said they have two that were on scene that day.”

Colorado Springs police tell 11 News they will know more after they finish their investigation. Police say alcohol, drugs and speeding are not considered factors in the crash.