Family planning search for missing Mt. Herman hiker

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - The family of a 20-year-old man who disappeared more than three months ago is planning to search the trails again on Saturday to look for any trace of him.

Kevin Rudnicki left to go hiking Sept. 2 and told his family he would be back later that afternoon for his niece’s birthday

But he never came home.

“We just miss him so much, and we just want to know what happened,” Megan Reynolds, Kevin’s sister told 11 News.

El Paso County Search and Rescue helped look for Rudnicki initially, but as days turned into months, the search grew cold. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office said it has suspended its search until there are new leads or tips. But Rudnicki's family is not giving up hope.

"I can’t forget him. It’s the holidays. I don’t want anyone else to forget him either," Reynolds said.

She said some friends and family members planned to search the Mount Herman area again on Saturday.

"We have been looking at maps ... and trying to pinpoint areas that we haven’t searched yet or areas he think we should search more thoroughly," Reynolds said.

She said Rudnicki was an avid hiker and often deviated from the trails.

"We’re just looking for anything," Reynolds said. "This isn’t going to be our only search. We’re definitely going to continue searching throughout even the whole winter, as much as we can. We don’t want to give up and we don’t want to waste time."

The family said anyone is invited to help search for Rudnicki. They plan to meet at the parking lot at the base of Mount Herman at 9 a.m. on Saturday. Family members say they will keep people updated on their search through the Help Find Kevin Rudnicki Facebook page. They ask that anyone who comes is prepared for a difficult and cold hike.

"We don’t want anyone else to get lost," Reynolds said.