Family on edge after house seems to be targeted in drive by shooting

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) A father is speaking out after his house was seemingly targeted in a drive by shooting.

It happened last week on the East Side of Pueblo. The father said he heard eight to nine gunshots and he and his family took cover.

Randall Bunderman is the dad, he said his family is lucky that no one was hurt. Three of the bullets hit right underneath the window to his children’s bedroom.

He said this all happened around 7pm on Monday, October 29th. The family was watching TV and making popcorn when they heard the gunshots and then a thud when it hit their house.

An officer did get on scene later in the evening and found eight shell casings in the driveway and street in front of his house.

More than anything, Bunderman wants to know why it seems that someone targeted his family.

“It’s scary to even think about it. I don’t understand why. You know someone could have killed my kids that night or they could’ve been seriously injured, and as a parent that’s frightening,” said Bunderman.

Another thing he said that made this whole situation worse is that when they called 911; they were put on hold immediately instead of talking with a dispatcher.

Police said that a dispatcher can be in the middle of a call and then their system is going to answer an incoming 911 call no matter what. This can put the person on hold until a dispatcher is available.