Family dodges danger when toy UFO drone explodes in Ill. home

MADISON CO., Ill. (KMOV/CNN) - A woman in Illinois says a popular drone toy she bought for her kids nearly set her house on fire.

A family is left stunned after a popular toy drone they bought for Christmas bursts into flames. (KMOV, Celeste Robinson/Handouts, As Seen On TV/Website, CNN)

No one was hurt, but it could've ended differently for her family on Christmas morning.

"One of the best things, and you prepare for it for weeks on end," Celeste Robinson said.

A full house and family time made for a magical Christmas morning at the Robinsons, but there was one gift missing for the kids under the tree.

"They were kind of bummed in the morning whenever we were telling him about it," the mother said.

The night before, she and her husband plugged in the As Seen on TV UFO Drones they'd ordered weeks ago, so the kids could use them first thing in the morning.

“We went ahead and put them on the charger, went to lay down and go to sleep and realized I forgot another gift that I forgot to wrap,” she said.

That's when her husband heard a strange hissing noise. They walked to the counter to find the drones hot to the touch.

"We unplugged it and all of a sudden it just started sparking like a firework, just shooting up," Robinson said.

Panicked, she threw the drone on the floor after it burst into flames in her hand. Photos show her burnt carpet and pieces of metals still stuck to the floor.

"If that spark would have gone, it probably would've got the cabinet above it and everything else in flames," she said.

According to the instructions, the drone takes 40 minutes to become fully charged. Robinson says they were only plugged in for a half-hour.

"It looks like just a half-melted circle right now. I mean, the whole battery pack shot off," she said.

The family says the scare didn't put a damper on their Christmas morning, but they know it could have ended a much different way.

"We were so blessed that he heard the noise and we checked it out, because we would have been asleep, and it could've been our house," Robinson said. "It could've been our lives."

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