Family deals with cuts to home health care hours

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) -- One family is struggling to get by after significant cuts to their home health care services. We spoke with a wife who relies on the help for her husband who has disabilities.

Linda Dizmang sits with 11 News Reporter Katie Pelton.

“Right now, it’s not even in survival mode, which no one should just have to live in just survival mode," Linda Dizmang told 11 News Reporter Katie Pelton.

Linda's husband, Kevin Dizmang, is a patient with Rocky Mountain Options for Long Term Care, which is a non-profit case management agency in Colorado Springs. Recently, Kevin's care was cut significantly.

"It was just over $3,600 in services for him a month, which calculated somewhere around 40 hours. It was reduced to 28 hours and down to just over $1,600 a month," said Linda.

He has a disability that stems from a semi-truck crash years ago. "He has post-traumatic stress, a brain injury, and the personality disorder," Linda said.

He needs help with everyday skills and Linda has tried to fill the gap, but is struggling to cope without the extra help. "It is very difficult," she said. The couple was forced to move into their daughter's basement.

"When you try to encourage him to take care of some of the things himself, they don't get done," said Linda.

11 News told you before about another Colorado Springs family whose hours were cut by 40 percent.

"It's money for someone to come in and help take care of him, to help him with skilled care, to do the things that he cannot do for himself," Cheryl Hargett told 11 News Anchor Betty Sexton at the time. Click here to read the previous 11 Call for Action Investigation.

We reached out to Rocky Mountain Options but they told me they can't comment on individual cases because of confidentiality concerns. They said in a statement, "The organization continues to be committed to delivering timely and accurate service to the consumers we serve."

"That's just where we're at, trying to survive," Linda added.

The Dizmangs just got a new case manager and a new assessment. The family filed an appeal with the state agency that deals with Rocky Mountain Options. We also reached out to them. We'll let you know what we find out.