Families learning to live with Stay at Home Order

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo, (KKTV)-- Walking in downtown Colorado Springs you'll see signs on closed businesses that read: "Closed," "Going through it like everyone else," and "We're #CoronaClosed!"

"The Say at Home Order from the Governor is not a suggestion. It's the law," said Mayor John Suthers.

The Mayor said everyone needs to do their part.

Some families KKTV spoke to say, they have been, and they're happy with the Governor's order.

"I think it's great because we've all been kinda doing that already. So I feel like, hurry up and get it done with. The sooner we all stay home hopefully the sooner we can get back out there," said Denielle Backstrom, mother of three.

She said she's making the most of the extra time with her kids.

"We're having fun, we're making memories, we're stuck at home but really it's about your perspective and your attitude," she said.

11 News spoke to another local mom who works in the health care field.

"It has been emotionally challenging because I do love my job and I do love being able to provide healthcare for people but also love my family," Melaina Bjorklund said.

Both say with all the closures, including playgrounds across the state, they're getting creative.

"We drive our Power Wheels outside we have a long driveway we're able to play games," said Bjorklund.

"We have been outside riding bikes today, just in the front yard of the neighborhood. We were in the backyard doing yard work it was so sunny and beautiful today," said Backstrom.

They hope other parents give themselves some grace during this tough time.

The new Stay at Home Order is in effect until April 11.