FROM THE ARCHIVES: Community cheering on fire crews

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012: Men, women and children lined up to cheer on firefighters and emergency crews as they changed shifts Friday morning.

As crews entered the seventh day of fighting the Waldo Canyon Fire, community members gathered to show their support for those who continue the battle with the blaze.

With claps, cheers, signs and American flags, two dozen lined the streets in Colorado Springs to say “thank you.”

“We want to do something to support the firefighters and we feel so helpless just sitting at home, and they are working so hard,” Caren McCurdy said.

They cheered for those firefighters and emergency crews as they changed shifts, those who just got done battling the blaze, and those just heading back into harm's way.

"Were doing structure protection and at that point were actually engaging fire that's threatening the house the other day. We saved three houses that had fire that was headed to oak sand, so we were able to keep it out of there during a micro-burst of the wind and if weren't there those houses would have gone up,” said firefighter Tadd Mauritson.

One evacuated family came out to show their support. They are forever thankful to firefighters who saved their home.

Terry Martinez actually met the same fire crew Friday morning at a coffee shop that helped his family evacuate Tuesday night.

“It's amazing to think that they were risking their lives for our house,” said an emotional Martinez.

Encouragement that means a lot to those who have worked non-stop and will continue to in an effort to save our mountains and homes.

"To have the support from the community and letting us know that we're doing a good job gives us encouragement cause it's nice to have a smile on your face after working a 24-hour shift,” Mauritson said.

Just to give you an idea of just what kind of conditions the crews are dealing with: the temperatures near the fire reach 2,000 degrees and it gets even hotter than that when a home is actually on fire.

If you want to show your support, but missed out Friday morning, you can go out to 31st and Fontanero or 31st and Colorado and cheer them on for their shift change Saturday morning at 7 a.m.