FROM THE ARCHIVES: Burglarized evacuee asks community to support police

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED TUESDAY, JULY 3: 11 News has learned from police that around 50 evacuated families have gone home to find their house was hit by burglars. And that number continues to rise.

Over 60 evacuees’ cars have also been broken into at Colorado Springs hotels.

Now one mother says it’s her goal to make sure the officers who have to investigate get what they need.

Lori Fladmark says it was tough for her and her teenage son to finally be allowed back into their apartment, only to find missing money and credit cards.

It was an emotional week for the duo who live at the Eagle Ridge Apartments near the intersection of Rockrimmon Boulevard and Vindicator Drive.

"When we left, there was a huge fire behind the building,” Fladmark said.

When they returned, not only did they find smoke damage, but Fladmark says her son’s birthday money, about $120, was stolen from under his mattress.

Also taken: a bundle of old credit cards that were recently cancelled after Fladmark had her identity stolen.

"I wonder who would possibly want to do such a thing to anyone in that situation,” Fladmark said.

But Fladmark says after she met with the investigating police officer at her home, she realized they need some help because they are stretched thin and working so hard.

She is making it her personal mission to make sure they have the support they need.

Fladmark asks others to join her in supporting those who continue to work hard to keep our community safe.

"Let's not let them down, they didn't let us down. They did everything for us, let's see what we can do to give it back,” Fladmark said.

Fladmark tells 11 News she even wants to look into funding to make sure they have the resources necessary to get the job done even in the midst of the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Police tell 11 News if your home was broken into while you were evacuated, they want you to call them.

They say they have special officers assigned to these crimes who are investigating.