CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Evergreen Cemetery chapel vandalized

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Visitors remained baffled after a disgusting act of vandalism inside the Evergreen Cemetery last month.

Police were called out on the morning of Nov. 24 after a visitor found the front stained glass window smashed in. Surveillance video released Dec. 6 shows four people in hoodies milling around an unspecified room in the chapel before descending the stairs, lanterns in hand, into another part of the building.

Besides the shattered stained glass windows, security guards found the bathroom door kicked in. Police said electronics had also been damaged.

"This is a sacred ground where bodies are," visitor Mary Mayes said. "It’s sad, it is just not right."

Mayes is one of many Colorado Springs residents with family buried in the cemetery.

"My mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt and uncle, grandparents," she listed.

As well as her husband of over 50 years.

"I come out once a week," she told 11 News.

For Mayes and thousands of other families, the chapel has been a place of solace, one that has seen them through their most difficult times.

"To do destruction to something is just not right," she told 11 News.

Having been built in 1909, security guards told 11 News that no matter what the repair costs are, the things that were destroyed are priceless.

Mayes says if the vandals were brazen enough to deface the chapel, she fears the graves themselves could be next.

"As long as my family is here, I know everything will be ok. My children, as long as they are here I know they will watch over us. ... I worry about other people that have no family or anyone out here, that’s not right, that something would happen to their headstones."

Police say they have a few clues right now, but are looking for any extra information on what could have happened and who was involved.