El Paso County official warns of DMV scam sites

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A new scam is making the rounds in El Paso County.

The county clerk and recorder's office says there are several websites posing as authentic DMV sites. The people behind these sites are imposters out to get unwitting victims' personal and credit card information -- on top of overcharging for the services the sites are claiming to offer.

"We have had a number of reports from citizens in Colorado being duped into providing sensitive information to scam websites," said Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman in a news release Monday. "We certainly encourage people to skip the trip to our office and utilize online services, but they need to make sure that they are dealing with the correct website. If you do an internet search for a DMV, many faux sites are listed before you may find the authentic website."

Make sure you are visiting the correct website for online services by visiting the two sanctioned sites, mydmv.colorado.gov and colorado.gov/dmv. Citizens can also download the Gov2Go app and take care of DMV services in that way.