El Paso County deputies save hunter's life

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office assisted in rescuing an injured hunter. Photo courtesy EPC Sheriff's Office.
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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - An out-of-state hunter has a team of El Paso County deputies and some of their spouses to thank for saving his life.

The sheriff's office is reporting the deputies were having lunch at a hunting location in Colorado on Sept. 21. While eating, they learned of a hunter from Arkansas who accidentally injured himself with a knife. The concern was the hunter may have hit his femoral artery, meaning he could possibly bleed to death quickly.

The deputies were closer to the hunter than search and rescue, so they set off on ATVs for about 12 miles to an area where they believed the hunter was. An area that spanned about five square miles of the roughest terrain in Colorado, according to the sheriff's office.

The hunter's ATV was found in a remote area. Deputies Scott Brettell, Chad Wheat, Peter Gaffney (RET), and Lieutenant Eric Carnell started the search for the hunter, Mr. Mason.

The sheriff's office detailed what happened next in a social media post:
"Deputies Brettell and Wheat put themselves in a hunter’s mindset and headed in a direction they felt they too would go if they were Mason. After some time and about a mile away from the ATVs they located Mason. The deputies' spouses began medically assessing and tending to Mason, they determined the cut was not the femoral but a different vessel.

Due to temperatures dropping, the decision was made to evacuate Mason.

Deputies Brettell and Wheat began an ascent through the rugged terrain up the mountain, escorting Mason to their ATVs. There, Lieutenant Carnell located Search and Rescue and brought them to Mason. The group put a plan together with Search and Rescue and orchestrated a plan to get him to the only place a helicopter could land, atop an 11,300-foot mountain. At the landing zone, Mason received the care he needed from fully equipped medical personnel."

The sheriff's office is reporting the rescue team undoubtedly saved the hunter's life.