Drug kingpin 'El Chapo' sentenced to life in prison, could be heading to Supermax

Photo: Mexican Authorities
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FLORENCE, Colo. (KKTV/AP) - Notorious drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman could be spending the rest of his life behind bars in southern Colorado.

Guzman was sentenced to life behind bars Wednesday, five months after he was found guilty on 10 counts of various drug charges.

The 62-year-old drug lord, who had been protected in Mexico by an army of gangsters and an elaborate corruption operation, was brought to the U.S. to stand trial.

Prosecutors said Guzman was responsible for smuggling at least 200 tons of cocaine into the United States and a wave of killings in turf wars with other cartels. The three-month trial was packed with Hollywood-style tales of grisly killings, political payoffs, cocaine hidden in jalapeno cans, jewel-encrusted guns and a naked escape with his mistress through a tunnel.

Before he was sentenced Wednesday, Guzman complained about the conditions of his confinement and told the judge he was denied a fair trial.

As 11 News reported after the guilty verdict in February, Guzman is widely expected to serve his sentence at the Supermax in Florence, joining other high-profile criminals such as the Unabomber, Boston Marathon bomber, and Christmas underwear bomber. Known as the "Alcatraz of the Rockies," no inmate has ever escaped.

A fitting locale for a man who twice escaped Mexican prisons.